What’s this all about then?

“I’m only human” as Phil Oakey sang in The Human League.

I’m a Home Educating Dad of three boys who likes to write stuff. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Home Education, Sci-Fi, Gaming, Retro Gaming, RC Car Racing, Weightlifting, Movies, Music, 1980’s nostalgia and even cookery… You’ll find me writing about it here.

Welcome to Dad Home Eds!

I’m Pete (Dad) who writes all this stuff and I hope you enjoy reading it – I love writing you see – I had aspirations many years ago to be a journalist but I never went in that direction in the end. That may be a blessing in disguise for newsreaders worldwide but you never know!

Probably not an entire surprise to you reader (Given the name of the blog) I home educate my three growing boys, Abe who is a teen, Sam who’s nearly a teen and David who’s seemingly perpetually not much more than a toddler. This blog is about what we get up to and lots more besides.

My wife is a student nurse in the NHS and I’ve taken over home educating our boys after her superb work for about seven years. I’m now a full time blogger along with everything else educational and ‘House Husbandy’ and I thought it might be fun to document what we get up to.

Please do feel free to get in touch via or contact page, leave comments on the blog and share any of the posts you wish to.