RC Racing

Radio Controlled Car Racing is a worldwide form of small scale motorsport which is accessible to all from very young. Many racers start out from around six to seven years old and up, often racing well into their fifties!

Abe's Schumacher L1 four wheel drive car with mine.
Schumacher L1 four wheel drive car

There is various ‘scales’ of car that are popular – this is the size of the car – with 1/10th and 1/8th being the most popular. 1/12th also exists, plus larger scales like 1/5th. 1/10th scale tends to be electric power whilst 1/8th is usually nitro (fuel and small engine) powered.

It’s really exciting to race and introduces youngsters both boys and girls into mechanics, geometry, electrical principles and much more.

I used to race many years ago and always loved my Schumacher Pro-Cat although I started out with the Kyosho Optima Mid Turbo! (Turbo made all the difference back then to a kid!). I Raced Schumacher cars plus Kyosho and Tamiya, but always came back to Schumacher.

Did pretty well first time around and was multiple time club champion plus BRCA regional A finalist, Series Champion, National Indoor Series Competition top 30 and so forth. Went away from this great hobby for 25 years and then… I never forgot what a great hobby RC car racing is and just how much you can learn from it, so being the Father of three boys I’m now introducing them to it!

Schumacher Cougar Laydown two wheel drive buggies in our current colours

The eldest of the three loves racing and comes with me anywhere I go and is getting real fast. This part of the blog aims to promote the hobby and our sponsors, plus perhaps introduce some of you to starting this terrific hobby for yourselves.

I’ll tag all RC Racing posts with RC Racing and our sponsors so it’s easy to follow what we do.

Our current team sponsors are:

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