Abe, Sam and David are all really good gamers. I’m pretty good too but they have younger thumbs than me!

I started gaming way back in the early 80’s and was there for the exciting emerging gaming scene when personal computers started to boom. It really was a revolutionary time and gamers/programmers like myself really did think anything was possible (think of the movie WarGames!). I saw the release of the groundbreaking Sinclair Research ZX81 & Spectrum, Commodore Vic-20, C16, Plus4 & C64 (I had a C128!), BBC Model B and so many others, not forgetting the arcade machines of course.

Atari 2600… Wooden trim!!

I’ll never forget the excitement of walking into an arcade and hearing all the sounds and lights which is all long gone really given the consoles we have now. There’s loads I remember from this era, such as Centipede, Gorf, OutRun, Space Harrier, Mad Planets, Spy Hunter, Phoenix, Mr Do, Defender and many more as you may well know.

The early video games still hold warm memories for me, from the Atari 2600 and games like Space Invaders and Yar’s Revenge, then the Sinclair Spectrum and games such as Horace and the Spiders, Alien8, Knight Lore and many more.

I write about all this on the blog covering memories of retro games and computers and so on plus modern games as well.