Weight Training

Gainz Fitness in Bedford
Gainz Fitness in Bedford

I can’t emphasise enough the importance of keeping fit.

That’s a picture of Gainz Gym in Bedford, Bedfordshire which is owned by Alex and Amber who are two friends of mine. I train at their sister gym in St Neots which whilst smaller than Bedford is a terrific weight training gym. They’ve built up the brand “Gainz” from nothing and I love going to train there.

When I was younger I was really skinny. Like S-K-I-N-N-Y! I weighed about 10 stone and my arms were the same width at my shoulder as they were at my wrist. Now there’s nothing wrong with that, but I was also very unfit and being thin hid that. I smoked and had nowhere near the fitness I had years ago in my teenage years when I played football regularly. To be honest it was pretty disgraceful how out of shape I was and being thin didn’t change the fact I got out of breath walking ten minutes from the car park to my office. I was aged 22 at the time!

One day when I was in the lift at my office I decided to do something about it and join a gym local to where I lived in St. Albans at that time. So Claire and I went and did just that.

It takes some courage to walk into a gym but it’s important to remember everyone starts somewhere and gyms are for the unfit to get fit and then keep fit. Sometimes people are intimidated by the real well muscled guys and girls but in my experience they are the friendliest people I meet as they have nothing to prove and remember where they started. I know I do.

I’ve been training for 25 years now and am a long way from where I started. After learning all I can from other athletes and also on academic courses I am a walking testament to the fact that if I can go from 10 stone to roughly 16 stone then anyone can! I know as I did it!

OK so that was then what about now?

I train very early in the morning which I find very productive, as it’s then done for the day, usually I’m up between 0530 and 0600 and at the gym by 0645. Starting with 15 minutes moderately intense cardio I then train the major muscle groups on their own. I use an app called ‘HeavySet’ to record all my weight workouts and then I can see progression (or not which is also important!)

Gainz Gym Bedford Stairs
Down the stairs at Gainz for battle!

I also think that dressing for the occasion is important at the gym too. That’s not to say you should be a preening instagram show off! No, what I mean is that wearing good quality training clothing will put you in the right frame of mind for attacking those weights. Honestly it really helps. Claire and I wear lots of Gorilla Wear, Brachial and Better Bodies which are excellent brands that suit lifting and explosive training perfectly. The cheaper stuff just doesn’t cut it and won’t last, plus if you look like crap you’ll probably train crap too. I know that’s not true for everyone but you don’t put on a bin liner to go to a job interview do you? (At least I would hope not!) So kit yourself out right for the gym too. It’s great motivation to go as well.

I’ll be blogging about bodybuilding and all sorts of fitness stuff so keep your eyes peeled for those posts if that’s your interest. I’ll be tagging them clearly so they’re easy to follow.