Racing Update…

I know it might not be for everyone but Abe’s Pokemon bodyshell design by Brendan Nunn really is distinctive and I ❤️ it!!! 🥰😜

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!
Magcargo Pokemon!

I’ve been running 4wd recently with an eye on the upcoming Schumacher Off Road Masters and Abe had a crack at Herts yesterday as well. At Stotfold a few weekends ago Abe ran 2wd and I ran the L1 Evo. I wanted to work on set up and you can see that by the final it was an absolute weapon! If you’re thinking of a 4wd the Evo is a fantastic choice 😉🤩💪🏻

Abe made too many mistakes all day at Stotfold and was rather annoyed with himself but that’s OK. All part of racing.

We were at Herts last night both doing 4wd this time and Darren, Andy, Paul, Harrison and the team down there made us feel very welcome – thanks guys! 😘

Again it was nice to see some old friends and for “Briefcase Venables” to pop up in our pit area! I checked my tyre bands don’t worry… 🤣🤪

I did OK but I was testing different front tyres so was a bit off but Abe coped far better than I did with the testing for sure! He was miles ahead in the final and had an 11 second crash on the last lap as he crashed where he wasn’t seen so I wasn’t as close as it suggests really. Credit to him!

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