Down to TORCH!

The fab new TORCH track

It was down to TORCH for us on Sunday on the south coast and as it turned out…. to be welcomed by CAKE 🍰😋😆

We had a great day and we were made to feel so welcome by Steve Brown and Steve Robertson and the whole TORCH crew – we can’t thank them enough. It was also great to see old friends including “FF” Freddie Russell who we’ve not seen in far too long!

Cars ready to go

The TORCH track is at a new location and it’s amazing! Loads and LOADS of pitting space and the track is beautifully presented as always. We’ve not been to the new venue so it was exciting to see it first hand. There is also 240v power so no generator needed providing you have a long extension cable.

Free cake!! 😋

Results speak for themselves and we drove home happy 😃

Thanks to our amazing sponsors! 🏁🥰🤩👇🏻

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Overall results before finals
Final results!
New Sky RC car stand

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