RC Racing Resumes…

Well some practice did at first!

Happy Easter everybody!

I know that was this weekend just gone and Abe and I were at church so no racing for us, BUT it was great to see loads of fellow RC racers out racing from everywhere from Southport in Liverpool down to TORCH on the south coast and everywhere awesome in between! We loved seeing posts and results again from everybody after the suspension of race meetings due to Covid.

We did manage to get to Kidderminster for some practice yesterday and tried out the new yellow Mezzo tyres from Schumacher on a dry track.

New Schumacher Mezzo tyres in yellow compound for dry running. That’s seven runs they’ve done!

We found they lasted for ages with no noticeable drop off in times (we were using LapMonitor) which is excellent news for the tyre conscious racer. LapMonitor is an infra-red bluetooth timing system using a trackside sensor with a transponder in the car. It works really well for timing with the companion app. on an iPhone that allows analysis of times and laps.

As an example, the picture of Abe’s rear tyre above is after over 105 laps (seven runs of 5m) and he put in his fastest lap of the day in that last run. The times were still comparable across the whole run as well with him doing 19s laps – believe me he wasn’t hanging about either taking it easy!! That’s a game changer.

I’m sure RC racers can all work out what steps the scene could take next to maximise such a superb tyre for everyone.

Thanks as always to our sponsors!

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