Review: Shark S6005UK Steam Cleaner

So… with three boys, a wife and two cats I spend time cleaning. Quite a bit of time! As I have some hard floors at home I was keen to upgrade from the old mop, bucket and oodles of Flash to perhaps something more swish. I chose the Shark S6005UK Steam Cleaner. Was it a good choice?

Short answer: Yes.

The Shark Cleaner At Work!

You can stop reading now! NOOO please don’t! Ha ha you can if you wish if that’s helped you make up your mind whether to buy one, but I’ll talk lots more about the product so please do read on…

It comes well packaged and easy to take out of the box (no blister packaging which I hate) and you only need to assemble the handle into the main body of the unit. You’ll need a Phillips or flat head screwdriver for this but it’s only one supplied bolt so it’s a cinch to do.

What’s in the box:

  • Handle and main steamer unit with base unit
  • Detachable hose
  • Two floor pads
  • Water decanting jug
  • Crevice tool
  • Detailing pad
  • Copper brush tool nozzle
  • Concentration nozzle
  • Instructions and supplied bolt for assembly

I picked the S6005UK as the steamer unit is detachable from the ‘mop’ section so you can use it hand-held with the supplied hose and smaller crevice style tools for cleaning sinks, tiles, glass, taps and all that kind of household knick knacks. I love that feature – going mobile!!! Of course you can keep the detachable steam unit on the assembled mop and using the floor pads steam your hard floors too.

Mop Design and Build

The design of the mop head allows the floor pads to be changed without touching them – it’s really clever. All you have to do is push two small ‘levers’ down and the mop head comes apart allowing the pad to be left on the floor as you lift out the plastic mop head. This mop head can then be placed inside the marked areas on the fresh floor pad and with two clicks the new pad is ready to go. Pads are machine washable and appear to be pretty nicely made so I think they would last a long time; spare pads are available from Shark online.

The mop head is jointed just like a vacuum head so you can go underneath furniture and twist around corners easily. If something needs some fierce blasting with steam the design allows you to flip the mop head towards you which exposes the steam nozzle which feeds the mop head. This can then be used to direct concentrated steam on a small area to shift stubborn dirt or goop. It works really well in practice and is another great feature of the device.

Build quality is solid as you would expect and the steamer is a nice weight to use. I’m quite strong though so some people might think it’s heavy but I had no problems; when the mop head is merrily steaming away it glides nicely over hard floors leaving them clean and very quickly – dry. This is a key feature; as the steam evaporates so quickly there’s no more sitting around waiting for floors to dry – it literally only takes a minute or two at the very most so time saved right there.

In Use

The water in the steam unit heats up really fast which adds to the excellent practicality of the device; once its turned on you have only moments to wait before steam starts coming through the pad. There are two steam modes in ‘mop’ mode (high and low steam) and a ‘tool’ mode if you’re using the steamer with the hose and attachments. The tool mode ‘locks in’ if the steamer is detached from the main mop unit plus you can turn the steam off by pressing the steam button down for a few seconds regardless of whether you’re in ‘tool’ mode or ‘high/low’ mode as a mop. The water usage is economical as well with one (supplied) jug easily covering a thorough steam on ‘high’ in my front room. To put it another way the jug lasted about ten minutes solid steaming.

Filling and refilling is dead easy through an aperture on the steamer module itself which is sealed with a twist on/off plug. The supplied filling jug has a spout which nicely decants the water in without spillage – note that the instructions understandably highlight NOT TO USE ANY CHEMICALS in the steamer unit.

Steam comes through strongly via the mop head or the hose and tools giving confidence that the device is cleaning nicely.

I have found the mop excellent in cleaning hard floors quickly and with minimal fuss and mess. The steam heats the floor in no time without leaving them scorching hot (so you couldn’t walk on them for example) and dried on dirt clears up and sticks to the pad swiftly, meaning you’re not labouring over and over on the same messy areas losing the will to live. My floors feel so smooth and clean to walk on after I’ve steamed them! It’s such a great tool and so easy to use.

Using the steam unit detached from the mop section and with the hose and tools has also had great results. The copper brush is very abrasive and makes light work of grime, plus the grouting brush tool (crevice tool) does a lovely job on tiling. The steam unit when detached has a trigger to control steam output which is a neat function.


It’s now February 2021 and I’ve been using the Shark since November 2020 regularly. I’ve not had any problems whatsoever, the pads are in excellent condition despite lots of use and washes, plus the device itself still performs as well as the day I bought it. Some people have mentioned on some reviews that they have had the plug that seals the water tank melt but I’ve not had this issue. Perhaps there has been a redesign of that part or there was a faulty batch? Anyway, my steam mop is still going strong and I’m glad I bought it.

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