Cooking For Idiots Part 1

I have no idea what these are

Are you an idiot in the Kitchen?  I am.  No no really I AM.  I am so inept in the kitchen I would doubtless poison the entire family with bread and water.

I am that bad,

So needless to say, taking on the mealtime responsibility from Claire was something that filled me with foreboding and worry, as I thought, “I’ve got to do this!!” but I was also painfully aware of how incapable I was.

Enter Stage Right… Thermomix!

I had no idea these amazing German cooking genies existed, but I wish I had years ago.  In short, for those of you who don’t know what a Thermomix is, it is a wifi connected self-contained blender/grinder/loads more, that cooks by heating up precisely, also incorporating scales, timing and step-by-step digital instructions to cook whatever it is you’re doing.

Thermomix unboxedThermomix unwrapped
The Thermomix is well packaged… Here she is wrapped and unwrapped. What a beauty!

That really doesn’t do it justice though!  You can cook ‘freestyle’ using all the options on the touchscreen display, or as I do by being ‘guided’ by selecting the recipes from Cookidoo the fully integrated cloud based system that you can access on the Thermomix, or on your phone/tablet or computer.

It’s truly an amazing piece of kit and I’m already in love with ours.


Thermomix Touch Screen Interface
Thermomix Touch Screen Interface

Aside from being a great name and play on words, Cookidoo is the app that works with your Thermomix. It is a huge searchable database of GUIDED recipes with ingredients, macronutrients, difficulty level (that’s so helpful for cookidiots like me) servings and so on.  You can select a recipe to cook there and then, or plan it on the planner for a specific day, bookmark it, add it to custom lists and then even order the ingredients seamlessly online from Tesco and others for click and collect.  How good is that?! It’s worth noting that the iPhone app for Cookidoo also incorporates a shopping list you can check off as you go if you want to go and buy the ingredients. The list can be easily edited to clear things you already have at home.

I capitalised the word ‘guided’ in the previous paragraph as this is important for complete novices.  Cookidoo literally (digitally!) holds your hand through the entire process giving precise instructions to cook the chosen dish.  Amounts, weighing (remember the device weighs ingredients in for you – you just add the right amount) grinding, blending and so forth, with timing automatically.  Every part is covered. For someone as hopeless as me this gave me so much confidence, it builds your confidence to attempt dishes and cakes I would never have imagined trying. It’s worth noting at this point that all the recipes I’ve tried so far have been really well received by the family and there have been no disasters!

The first recipe I cooked was pulled pork burgers and it came out really well given what a novice I am. Since then I’ve gone on to cook lots of things including Maple and Pecan Banana Bread (as good as it sounds) and other delicious things I’ll talk about on these posts.

Pulled Pork Buns
Pulled Pork Buns

How Do I Get A Thermomix?

You won’t find the Thermomix in stores. Certainly not in the U.K. They are sold through a consultant network which allows them to be demonstrated which I can tell you with hindsight is probably quite useful (I didn’t have demonstration – I just went and bought it). It was OK for me to jump right in as I had no skills in the kitchen whatsoever – I was a blank sheet of paper. If you’re experienced however a demonstration will no doubt show you what a terrific kitchen gadget the Thermomix is.

The Thermomix is fully WiFi connected for Cookidoo but you still get a nice colour cookbook to start you off

There’s loads of YouTube channels, Facebook pages and more dedicated to the Thermomix which are run by consultants so you’ll no doubt find a consultant near you if you have a search. Vorwerk (the German manufacturer) also have various pay plans available so it is affordable to all, including an option of course to buy the Thermomix outright. Incidentally Vorwerk make lots of rather swish looking home appliances including the rather cool robot vacuum!

I’ll leave this post here and write more soon about my adventures (or disasters) in the world of cookery! If you’ve any questions or comments please write below and I’ll do my best to help.

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  1. Hi Pete,
    It was lovely to meet you and your wife at your Thermomix welcome visit after your wife saw my thermomix videos on facebook (Independent thermomix advisor Rachael Sheard). If you go on the website you get given a random advisor. Personally I put a lot of time into making sure my customers are happy and continually inspired with daily videos, weekly menu plans, cost savings and other tips and advice or left to enjoy at their leasure but always on hand to answer any questions. I know you follow my page and group 🙂 I love my thermomix and so do my children who are also home educated like yourself. I have customers from Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Middlands and here in Cambridgeshire so doing a demonstration is no problem at all. Rachael

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