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Abe with his 2019 National and Regional trophies from RC Racing


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Racing at 1066!

This last weekend Abe and I took a trip down to 1066 Racing in Hastings as we’d missed all our racing dates all week due to the rubbish weather 😭🤬 The chaps at 1066 had decided to race indoors on their EOS carpet so I couldn’t resist taking the trip! 🥳🤩 1066 race at a […]

Back On The Carpet…

Back to the carpet racing last week at the very friendly South Cambs Model Car Club and the Corona Comeback 2.0! (There was a ‘Corona Comeback 1.0 last year when the clubs reopened after the last lockdown). I TQ’d one round whilst Abe TQ’d the other two and he won the A final The Schumacher […]